For many, it’s just a natural phenomenon, for us, it means advancing the energy transition.

We consider each offshore project as a closed life cycle that ranges from feasibility studies to planning and construction of the facilities, to cold and hot commissioning of the wind farm and feeding the generated energy into the grid. Upon request, we also take on the direct marketing of the electricity and, at the end of the wind farm’s life, the complete dismantling of the facilities.

What sets us apart from other companies is our holistic approach. We not only take care of every small technical detail in each phase but also have an expert eye for the big picture. Our comprehensive expertise, risk-taking mentality, and deep understanding of sustainability and environmental compatibility make us a reliable partner for the construction of technologically complex facilities in challenging locations.

Our services

  • We take care of your project.

    We see ourselves as a coordinator, catalyst, consultant, realizer and supervisor – as well as communicator, interface manager, troubleshooter, optimizer, and reliable anchor during the entire process. We look forward to discussing what roles your specific project needs and how to realize all desired goals as quickly and efficiently as possible.


    • Feasibility studies
    • Profitability calculation / Interface management / Permitting process
    • Design Basis
    • Logistic Concepts
    • Tender preparation
    • Installation concepts
    • O&M concepts
    • IT/SCADA concepts
    • Technical specification / Package management / Project management
    • Documentation
  • From the planning phase – to start-up

    We consider ourselves as a highly specialized and integrated competence center. With our extensive know-how, we’re able to take on the responsibility of fully realizing your project. And that within the framework of set goals, time tables, costs, and quality expectations. What’s more, our services have a high degree of scalability and are thus perfectly tailored to fit all your needs. In a nutshell: everything!


    • Optimization of existing concepts
    • Coordination of the internal
    • project team, all suppliers, engineer offices, and trades
    • Continual contact issuer reporting
    • Planning control and adaption implementation (when necessary)
    • Safety control on-site
    • Production supervision
    • Construction supervision
    • HSE support
    • Supplier audits
    • Documentation
    • Acceptance tests
    • Hot / Cold commissioning
    • Steel construction
    • Feasibility studies
    • Root cause analysis
    • Technical optimization
    • Risk assessments
    • Training programs
    • Solution engineering
  • Hands-on

    It may sound simple, but in reality, it’s a very effective formula: our expert teams are there to continually guarantee that your off- shore substation is running as smoothly as possible. For the turbines, we either bring in a tried and tested subcontractor into our network, or coordinate with your chosen service provider, for example the manufacturers of the wind turbines. You decide which offer is best for you.


    • Operational control of the offshore wind farm via our central control room
    • Coordination of all service, repair and manufacturer teams
    • Permanent performance optimization on all technical and operative levels
    • Marine coordination
    • Offshore control center
    • Permit to work system
    • Remote switching operations
    • Grid management
    • 24/7 standby teams
    • Substation maintenance services / Performance management
    • Optimization
    • HSE management
    • Real-time and monthly reporting
  • Introduce and improve your Safety Culture Ladder

    Do you wish to enhance the safety culture of your organisation? Our team of experts are on hand to guide you through the Safety Culture Ladder – an effective approach implemented by all employees and managers. The Safety Culture Ladder offers practical solutions for your company, which are already implemented on a day-to-day by our team with visible results.


    • Introduction to the Safety Culture Ladder
    • Assessment of the safety culture to assess the status quo, determination of potential for improvement and development of appropriate measures
    • Development of tailored solutions to improve your safety culture
    • Support in the implementation of measures
    • Implementation of training courses, courses and workshops for employees and managers on all aspects of behavioral occupational safety and the topic of safety culture
    • Support preparation for certification
    • Support in the further development of your existing Safety Culture Ladder certification to achieve a higher level
  • HSE services

    At Omexom Offshore, the health and safety of our employees, clients and subcontractors is fundamental to us; this is why we have implemented the ISO 45001 to enable continuous improvement of occupational safety – with a certified HSE management system and SCL Step 3.

    Our HSE management team consists of 7 experienced and fully trained occupational safety specialists who support and advise our customers on all occupational safety issues relating to the planning, construction and operation of an offshore wind farm.


    • HSE management for the planning, construction and operation of offshore wind farms
    • HSE consulting and expert work
    • Documented pre-/accident investigations
    • Creation and review of HSE manuals
    • HSE emergency and rescue plans
    • Risk assessments and analysis including effectiveness checks
    • Review of planned work processes
    • Occupational health and safety legal work on protection and safety concepts
    • Planning and implementation of drills and rescue exercises
    • Safety-related inspections/inspections of offshore facilities and structures including documentation
    • Documented occupational health and safety audits at suppliers and manufacturers
  • IT services

    Omexom Offshore’s IT team takes care of the 24/7 operation of a number of servers and virtual systems used to monitor our customers’ offshore wind farms. Our teams are formed of highly qualified specialists for project planning, 2nd level support, adaptation and expansion of SCADA systems, automation technology, network topology and offshore-specific maritime systems as well as all questions regarding certifications according to “IT-Grundschutz” (BSI), ISO 27001 and KRITIS.


    • Operation of virtualization servers, virtual machines, conventional servers, workstations, switches, firewall clusters and 24/7 support for all systems in-house
    • Project planning, 2nd level support, adaptation and expansion of complete SCADA systems, processing of all interface issues, configuration of the data points and creation of the necessary representations, grid connection rules, expansion and improvement of the operational management software as well as operation and optimization of the control of wind farms including 24/7-support
    • Technical support regarding SCADA systems, automation technology, network topology, offshore-specific maritime systems and radio systems, support in the selection of suitable systems and tendering procedures and assessment of existing infrastructure
    • Testing of own and customer-owned systems according to “IT-Grundschutz” (BSI), ISO 27001 and KRITIS, security-relevant interfaces when introducing new software, verification of vulnerabilities reported via the BSI and reporting of security-relevant facts to management. Accompanying certifications with respect to the “IT-Grundschutz” (BSI), ISO 27001 and KRITIS.

As a company, we specialize in the implementation of offshore wind projects and offer a variety of services to successfully execute these projects from start to finish. We support our clients in conducting feasibility studies to evaluate the feasibility of offshore wind projects and minimize risks.

Our expertise in wind park planning encompasses a variety of aspects such as site analysis, selection of suitable wind turbines, and compliance with environmental regulations. We ensure that all plans adhere to the highest industry standards.

We assist you in the construction of your facility, including the assembly, installation and testing of systems. Our technicians are qualified and experienced to ensure that the construction of the plant runs smoothly and is completed within the specified time frame.

Additionally, we also offer cold and hot commissioning services to ensure that the turbines can be brought into operation and operate smoothly. We also support our customers in feeding energy into the power grid and ensure compliance with all regulations and requirements.

Overall, we offer a comprehensive package of services to ensure that offshore wind projects can be operated successfully and reliably. Our experience and expertise have made us a trusted partner for our customers.

Give us the green light, and we’ll take care of the rest.

What makes working with us different is that we not only take care of each little technical detail at every phase, but also have an expert eye for the picture as a whole. This not only means extensive expertise, but also the ability to take risks, a deep understanding of sustainability, and environmental compatibility. After all, at the end of the day it’s about installing technologically complex plants in inhospitable locations. What’s more, the plant has to generate energy for many years and under the hardest of conditions. Additionally, it must be economical and operate problem-free 24/7. We can’t offer you anything more than this, but also nothing less.